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Study the important words of the Bible.

Find out how many times a word occurs in Scripture and how it is used. Find out the original meaning of the word. Compare translations, check the word’s occurrences, and find the root meaning.

1. Word study by Bible books.

Certain words have special significance in certain Bible books. If one reads from the book of Philippians one finds that Joy is the central theme. Philippians is the most joyful book in the Bible — the apostle Paul uses the Greek words for joy and rejoicing sixteen times in only 104 verses. By reading the book, you will understand why this is referred as the most joyful book in the bible, yet Paul wrote it from a dingy cell.

2. General word study.

The fine index at the end of the bible and concordance are great tools in this type of Bible study. Through the study of great Bible words, you can soon become familiar with the great doctrines of the Bible and understand the great theological principles which the Bible reveals. For example referring to the the word Joy with the concordance you might begin with the study of the words “joy/rejoicing.”

3. Write an application.

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