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Step 1: Select the character of interest for your study. Example The person from the bible could a person who has a strength that you want to have or a flaw that you want to get rid off. Example one could read about David and why God referred to him as a man after my heart

Step 2: Use an exhaustive concordance is a must to gather all the passages in the Bible that mention your character.

Step 3: Repeatedly read each Bible reference about David (from our example above) and meditate on it.

Step 4: Make a sketch the David’s life from Birth to Death. Another way is to make a chronological map of all the information that you have. If possible write the verses along a chronological time-line to map the David’s life.

Step 5: Analyse the character of the person: An important part of the Biographical Study is a Character Study. Our character is shaped and moulded by our experiences. Under this portion of the biographical study, focus on studying the person’s character and comparing and contrasting it to the Character of Christ. Then draw lessons from this character study to shape your own character.

Step 6: Analyse David (from our example above) work.

Step 7: Note David (from our example above) relationship to Jesus as a type of Christ, a forerunner of Christ (e.g. John the Baptist), a believer in Christ, servant of Christ, a nonbeliever, enemy of Christ, family member to Christ, friend etc.

Step 8: Summarize the main lessons learned from the life of David (from our example above).

Step 9: Write an application.

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