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A paragraph are several sentences. When an author changes the subject of emphasis in writing, he usually begins a new paragraph. The beginning of a paragraph in this Bible is indicated by a boldface verse number. Studying the Bible by paragraphs like this is often called analytic Bible study.

Steps involved

  • Step 1: read the paragraph to understand its main thought or the subject matter
  • Step 2: Rewrite the text. In order to find the relation of the important words and sentences in this paragraph, it is often helpful to rewrite the text.
  • Step 3: Make an outline of the paragraph. Use a paper or journal and you will fully engage in the process and preserve your results. A simple chart can be drawn on loose leaf paper, or in a lined notebook set aside for Bible study. For example, 2 Peter chapter 2 could be analysed as below:
    7. verses 1-3. False prophets/False Teachers
    8. verses 4-9. God’s past & present judgments
    9. verses 10-16. Price to be paid for sin
    10. verses 17-19. Sinners and their works

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