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In the Verse by Verse Method of Bible study you will select a passage of the Bible. This passage or verse should be examined it in great detail, asking questions, checking on its cross references and paraphrasing each verse within it. The Verse by Verse Bible study concludes with your obtaining a practical, personal application for each verse in the study.

Steps involved

  • Step 1: Write out each verse of the passage in your own words, striving for accuracy and not referring to other paraphrases except by way of example. It is necessary to understand that one is attempting to put the passage into one’s own words and not into the words of another person.
  • Step 2: List any questions you have on any verse in your study, note any answers you are able to find, and record any observations you have made on that verse. Do this for each verse in the study. One suggestion is to indicate questions, answers, and observations with the letters Q, A, or O so that each will be easier to find upon returning to the study at other times.
  • Step 3: Find some cross references for each verse, trying for at least one for each verse, and indicate if the reference is for a specific word, phrase, or concept within that verse.
  • Step 4: For each verse note any insights you have found in your study.
  • Step 5: Write a brief personal application for each verse or, failing that, make note of some devotional thought to which you may return in a Devotional Bible study and build upon it

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